Andiamo! Black Sedan and SUV Luxury Service has made it easy to reserve transportation in Nashville. Now you’re just one click away from experiencing the luxury of a ride that you will remember for a lifetime.

Licensed and professional Chauffeurs:

Our Chauffeurs are carefully selected after thorough background checks and fulfill the basic criterion as directed by the state of Tennessee

  • high school diploma
  • a clean driving record and
  • class D driving license with F

They undergo an on-the-job training including parking techniques fand defense driving. Teaching sessions on how to maintain professional boundaries and be personable is also a part of this training program.


We provide Luxury Sedan and SUV rides with a variety of routes and destinations in Nashville including the BNA airport, parks and recreational areas, different concerts and events. If you hire any other Black Sedan and SUV service in Nashville, they don’t offer cover these many routes. Some basic routes include:

  • Nashville to Nashville
  • Nashville to BNA Airport
  • Nashville to Brentwood
  • Nashville to Franklin
  • Nashville to Hendersonville
  • Nashville to Gallatin
  • Nashville to Mt Juliet

If you have a custom route of your own, just specify the destinations and we’ll get you covered. You can book it here.

Packages and discounts:

You can book a Sedan ride for as low as $65 and an SUV ride for as low as $85. Our rates are competitive with luxury transportation in Nashville — in fact, the most affordable. We also have special offers and discounts available for our regular customers.


You can create an account with us to get all your future rides covered. Just get yourself registered and book an amazing sedan or SUV ride.


Keeping details of your trip confidential is a part of our job. You can feel at ease and relaxed because our chauffeurs are trained to be discrete and know how important your privacy is. If you have any further questions about hiring our sedan or SUV service, you can always call us at (615) 815-5953 or email us at